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About Me

Hi I’m Chandace, YOUR Personal Fashion Stylist. 

Styling the elite to begin living that "extra" lifestyle - socially and professionally!


I had the luxury of growing up in the Okanagan Valley…… I know right!!!

Once I graduated from high school I decided it was time to pursue an education and for me I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. I packed my bags and headed to the West Coast to enroll in a Fashion Design and Technology program.

As the eager young me I was, I worked through this program tirelessly fighting through my strong dislike of sewing and through this program's marketing courses decided I wanted to complete the Marketing Management program as well. After I completed both programs I knew I needed a break and continued in my hotel job moving into the event management sector, something else I had always wanted to do.

After completing that goal, I knew something was missing, FASHION!!! As I was now established in my current role and I continued to work part time in retail management, merchandising roles and sought out the opportunity to be part of Vancouver Fashion Week. This was sooo exciting!!!! I joined the VFW team as a back of house volunteer and had the opportunity to work with the designers and dress the models for the runway…. Pretty Cool Right!

This was the point everything changed.

 One of the designers was in distress, her line was next to go on, the models were lined up and not a single hair or makeup artist in sight! I thought fast to track down the hair and makeup team and managed to alleviate the stress of the designer. She then searched for a card realizing there was only one left and it was for a specific photographer. She then let me know that she would be hiring for her upcoming photo-shoot and if I sent her an email, which she verbalized to me, she would love to have me on the team. I worked two photo-shoots for her before I was promoted to Key Stylist (the only paid stylist) and then continued on to manage their sales meetings and was brought on to work their store at the fashion exchange and various out of town trade shows all while continuing to work my “day job” within the hotel events team.

A few years into this routine, I decided I needed a change and received a great opportunity in Toronto, somewhere I had been hoping to move to already with a goal of working a greater role at what is to be one of the most iconic hotels in Toronto. Within a year of moving I was finally exactly where I wanted to be. I loved the city and I LOVED my career!

Then it happened, March 16th 2020, the world came crashing down!


I decided to take my car and drive across the country to visit my parents back in the Okanagan for a month. And Surprise Surprise folks…… I am still here.


Opportunities were presented to be but none of them felt quite right! I took some time and really dove into my thoughts. What are my strengths and what do I love doing? The answer was simple.

 I have this gift and I have finally decided to share it with the world!

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